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Farewell: Dennis Loomis

Sad to hear the news of the recent passing of Dennis Loomis. A full obit will appear in our next issue.

Adrien Brody Credits Magic for his Acting Career

An interesting article popped up on the Wall Street Journal recently in which actor Adrien Brody talks about how magic was instrumental to getting him into acting. “I definitely see parallels between acting and magic and performance. You are given a trick and a basic synopsis about what the reveal is and then you make …

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The Newest Issue of The Mandala is Just Days Away!

  Just a few days away from the release of our next issue of The Mandala! This time around we debut the first in what will become an occasional, recurring, and fascinating examination of Harry Houdini and his life. Also featured is Bruce Wright’s very visual effect “Silverlink.” If you haven’t yet subscribed, now is …

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Tough Audience: Youth Killed for Boring Card Trick

According to a very short article that comes from the Vietnam, a young man, Nguyen Chung Tinh, 21, died from stab wounds after performing “uninteresting” card tricks on Friday, January 20. Apparently Tinh and a few friends ran into some other acquaintances including Nguyen Thanah Tu, 18, at a local park where Tinh proceeded to perform …

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Man Convicted for Shooting Magician

A little over a year ago, November 2010, magician Eric Price was shot in the head while sitting in his car outside of Waldo Pizza, having just performed there. Three teenagers were taken into custody at the time and 17 year old Michael H. Hudson was charged with first-degree assault and armed criminal action according …

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