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Volume 1, Issue 6


Price: $5.95

The Mandala Michael Carbonaro

Michael Scott’s coverage and history lesson on the Academy of Magical Arts’ Awards Show. Scott offers not only a description of the most recent ceremony, but a history of the checkered past and sometimes controversial nature of the show. Writer Gavin Inglis offers readers a wonderful fictional story, Turnover, about the underground gambling world and the unlikely hero who finds herself in the middle of it.

Volume 1, Issue 5

FEATURE STORY: Michael Carbonaro

Price: $5.95

The Mandala Michael Carbonaro

Matt Nasser’s profile on “performance bizarrist” Michael Carbonaro. Michael is a young performer on who is quickly on the rise having already performed across the country and on television with his unique and theatrical magic moments that include everything unlikely that you could ever find in a performance, including shaving cream! Comedy magician Geoff Williams submits his “Conjurors Journal” in which he describes his hilarious trip through the UK on one of his lecture tours.

Volume 1, Issue 4


Price: $5.95

The Mandala Bruce Cervon and Dai Vernon

A never-before published interview with the late Bruce Cervon. Bruce recounts his early, formative years at the Magic Castle and talks about the material he created and shared with Dai Vernon, Larry Jennings, and tells some very entertaining stories involving many of the people wandering the halls of the world’s most famous magic club when it was in its infancy. Editor Shawn McMaster also includes a story about a very humorous exchange between Vernon and some unsuspecting visitors to the club that McMaster witnessed firsthand. Author Rick Lax contributes a wonderful photo essay revealing some magic-related “behind the scenes” happenings while preparing his book Fool Me Once.

Volume 1, Issue 3

FEATURE STORY:Rob Zabrecky: Odd Man

Price: $5.95

The Mandala Rob  Zabrecky

Tina Lenert’s profile on “Odd Man” Rob Zabrecky – a performer who is rapidly becoming known for his strange, unusual, and humorous approach to magic. Rob talks about his work, influences, and character. He also speaks very candidly about his past history as a new wave musician and the drug use that went along with it. Also, Pete McCabe, author of the best-selling book Scripting Magic offers readers a new coin effect that is simple to do, yet clever enough to fool laymen and magicians. Read Pete’s description of the trick, plus see him perform it for you.

Volume 1, Issue 2

FEATURE STORY:Doc Eason: Beyond the Tower

Price: $5.95

The Mandala - Doc Eason

Extensive coverage on what Doc Eason has been up to in the six years since the iconic Tower Magic Bar in Snowmass, CO has closed. Also included are exclusive excerpts from the good doctor’s upcoming book.

Volume 1, Issue 1

FEATURE STORY:Charlotte Pendragon

Price: $5.95

The Mandala Charlotte Pendragon

Our exclusive interview with Charlotte Pendragon in which she describes events leading up to and following the fateful day that split up the magical legacy of The Pendragons, and what lies ahead of her now.

Also Eric Buss’ incredible and hilarious account of his ill-fated trip to China in our “Conjuror’s Journal.”