What’s Inside Volume 4, Issue 2?

Feature Story: The Accidental Insight of Sebastian Kraine

Describing, specifically, what Sebastian Kraine (the stage name of Dominik Krzanowski) does isn’t easy. It’s an eclectic blend of performance art; outside-the-box conjuring effects; detailed and carefully honed theatrical methodology; and a lot of hard work. And while his performance uses brilliant techniques of Black Art, his performance isn’t a Black Art act. Period.

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A Message from the Editor


In the latest issue of The Mandala, I announced that the magazine would be taking a short hiatus.Here is what I wrote:

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What’s Inside Volume 4, Issue 1?

Feature Story:  Le Grand David and his Spectacular Magic Company

Le Grand David and his Spectacular Magic Company defied all logic. Who would have thought that a group of unknowns could band together pooling their financial and physical sources, buy and refurbish an old theatre – the Cabot Street Theatre in Beverly, MA – and create an elaborate full-evening magic spectacular that would have a run of 35 years, carving out its place in magic history?
Nobody. Including the members of the cast.

We sit down with David Bull, and a few other members of the Le Grand David troupe, to discuss the long Le Grand David trip that has recently come to an end.

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What’s Inside Volume 3, Issue 6?

Feature Story:  The Magician Who Would Not Stay in His Cage

To some, Hillel’s balloon act conjures up a man returning to the womb. Others see the balloon as a metaphor for a world ecosystem that could pop at any moment. Sometimes the balloon conjures up thoughts of prison, or more literally, as a death-defying stunt in which he defies death simply by not suffocating. Whatever the metaphor, Hillel draws liberally from a diverse set of arts, including magic, clowning, acting, and pantomime. But few people know the very intriguing story behind the man and his performance.

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Farewell: Dennis Loomis

Sad to hear the news of the recent passing of Dennis Loomis. A full obit will appear in our next issue.

What’s Inside Volume 3, Issue 5?

Feature Story:  How it’s Done:
Eric DeCamps Brings Pure Magic to Chicago:

Chicago is a theater town. For decades, the city has fostered an environment in which one-man shows have been born and grown, found audiences, and flourished. Enter Eric DeCamps, a New Yorker through-and-through. In October of 2012, with an eye on the city that welcomes one-man shows with open arms, DeCamps debuted his own production Pure Magic, in Chicago.

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What’s Inside Volume 3, Issue 4?

Feature Story:  Deceiving the Deceivers:
What Happened at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory? 

For over 30 years Hank Lee’s Magic Factory has been an icon in the magic supply industry setting themselves apart from other magic dealers early on in the game and creating a successful business Carisoprodol online. So what happened? We dig in and unearth some information and details that describe what led to the fall of the Factory.

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What’s Inside Volume 3, Issue 3?

Feature Story:  DON LAWTON – THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN PUN by Steve Dick 

In the early days of the Magic Castle, Don Lawton was a familiar face and popular host.. A part of the “rat pack” of magic that included such people as Clarke “The Senator” Crandall, Karrell Fox, Bob Lewis, and Jay Marshall, Don held his own mixing magic with silly and sometimes cornball humor that only served to endear him more to the people around him. Learn why this very punny man was beloved, not only by his magic peers, his clients, but also the many people who visited the Magic Castle

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What’s inside Volume 3, Issue 2?

Feature Story:  Howard Hamburg: Underground Magic, Loyal Friendships, and Cherished Memories by Brent Geris 

Howard Hamburg has been around for decades, but it’s only recently that people have really started to take notice of his incredible card work or even heard his name. His close friendships make up a who’s-who of magic, and despite the fact that he is in his seventies, he is rapidly becoming the hippest cat in the room.

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What’s inside Volume 3, Issue 1?

Feature Story:  Justin Willman: Not Just Incredible 

Whether you know him under his old moniker – Justin Kredible, or his real name – Justin Willman, you have to agree that his style of magic and personality are a force to be reckoned with. He is all over the place and constantly working on more. How did this guy come to be the host of numerous television shows? How did he gain recognition on such shows as Ellen and The Rachael Ray Show? How did he blow through two names? Writer Ryan Oakes explains it all.

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